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Which complications may be caused by gout?

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  The condition will develops further if the patient with gout cannot get effective treatment for a long time or fails to control it by oneself. In addition to further development of disease, other complications will be incurred by gout with the developing of condition.

  Gout complications can be divided into the following types.

  Complications closely related to uric acid- urolithiasis / renal dysfunction

  If the uric acid level stays high, the crystals will be generated in kidney and urinary tract, which will result in relevant complications.

  High blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes, kidney stone, gout, hypeluricemia

  Life style related disease- hyperlipidaemia/ diabetes/ obesity

  The most common causes of gout are over nutrition, alcohol drinking, hypomotility, so the possibility of life style related complications may be high.

  Complications related to arteriosclerosis – high blood pressure/ ischemic heart disease/ cerebral thrombosis

  Over-nutrition will make arteriosclerosis get worse, which will result in cardiovascular complications.