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Is knee pain incurred by gout? Be careful of gouty synovitis!

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  As for the patient who has been suffering from gout for many years, knee pain is a bothering problem. It is probable that the knee pain of the patient with gout is incurred by a common complication of gout- gouty synovitis.

  We need to know what synovitis is before introduction of gouty synovitis.

  In short, synovial membrane is a layer of thin tissue in joint capsule, one important role of which is secreting synovial fluid to lubricate joint, which is similar to the principle of adding lubricating oil to machine. When the interior of joint is stimulated, such as trauma and hyperostosis etc., inflammatory response will occur on synovial membrane firstly, resulting in hydrops, fever, swelling and other symptoms. In addition to pain, patients always develop the symptoms of poor sport performance and difficult joint flexion and extension.

  Thigh-bone, synovial membrane, joint cavity, joint capsule, cartilage, tibia

  Gouty synovitis is incurred by the deposition of uric acid monohydrate-a stimulant on synovial membrane. In addition, knee joint is one of joints that are most likely to go wrong, so the areas being severely affected by gouty synovitis are mostly on knee.

  How to treat synovitis

  Since the pathogenesis of “gouty synovitis” is the same as synovitis, the treatment means of “gouty synovitis” are basically the same with that of other types of synovitis.

  Taking medicine

  At present, the therapeutic drugs are mainly consisted by hormonal and non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs, and can be mainly divided into two categories, oral drugs and drugs for external use. All of the drugs for external use are anti-inflammatory drugs, which have no curative effect on strain or trauma of synovial membrane. The mechanism of partial oral drugs is the same with that of drugs for external use, and few drugs are available for effective treatment of synovium lesions.

  Extract the hydrops in joint cavity

  Intra-articular injection therapy

  Includes anesthesia injection, sodium hyaluronate injection etc.

  Minimally invasive operation and prosthetic replacement for joint

  It shall be noted that since the simple gouty synovitis is basically incurred by accumulation of uric acid crystals, the uric acid lowering therapy is significantly important for patients with gouty synovitis.

  Precautions for patients with gouty synovitis in daily life

  Avoid strenuous exercise

  Long-term strenuous exercise is one of the fundamental reasons of gouty synovitis, for strenuous exercise will increase the force to articular surface, making the wear more serious.

  Have appropriate physical exercises, and in particular, the exercise strengthening quadriceps femoris, which is an effective auxiliary method for treatment of many disease on knee joint.

  Losing weight

  Have hot compress therapy after the inflammatory phase.