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Which factors will incur acute attack of gout?

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  Alcohol drinking is a hazardous factor that can result in gout, and all wines are positively correlated to gout. The only disputable one is red wine, but even so, the single drinking volume of red wine shall be no more than 100 g, and low-grade blending red wine shall not be taken.

  High purine food, such as hot pot, cooked animal giblets, seafood, brewis, dried fish etc.

  Strenuous exercise, this may accelerate the metabolismwhich will generate more uric acid. Meanwhile, during strenuous exercise, the sweat will increase while the urine will decrease, and for the uric acid is mainly excrete through urine, this will cause more uric acid to be accumulated in the body. Additionally, the lactic acid produced after strenuous exercise will obstruct the normal excretion of uric acid, which will make it difficult to excrete the uric acid, resulting in increase of uric acid.

  Such internal environmental factors as obesity, high pressure, staying up late, emotional change, insulin resistance, high blood glucose, disorder of lipid metabolism, high blood pressure and the like, which can affect the synthesis and excretion of uric acid and can induce hyperuricemia, resulting in gout.

  High altitude, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and works in special industry related to heavy metal result in accumulation of lead, mercury and other heavy metals, which will affect the excretion of uric acid, promote the formation of urate monohydrate and induce the onset of gout.

  Menstrual disorder, endocrine disorders and frightening are the main factors that can incur the attack of gout in female patients.