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Fat-the cause of gout

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  The statistics show that there are about 100,000 patients with gout in China, of whom the age of onset is mostly in the range of forty years to fifty years or above, but it is worrying that the number of young patients under 40 years old is increasing. In fact, the cause is very simple, just eating.

  With the development of economy and improvement of living level in China, meat dishes has become the main food for majority of people, and a growing number of people can eat more and better. Relevant investigation data shows that over 90% of gout patients of 20- 40 years old used to drink a lot of wine and like to have meat, cooked animal giblets, seafood and other foods that are rich in purine before the onset, and about 85% of them are overweight.

  The sumo wrestlers in Japan are the best example to indicate the relationship between diet and gout. Sumo in Japan (Japanese wrestling), formerly known as sumai no sechie, is the contest that two topless wrestlers will wrestle with each other. The relatively accurate written record of Sumo in Japan is the Nihon Shoki compiled at the beginning of the eighth century, according to which, the 35th Emperor of Japan (641-645) organized the palace guardians to have Sumo wrestling competition to entertain the emissaries from Baekje in ancient Korea. Now, Sumo has become the national sport of Japan, and the international combat and sport event of Japan. As a professional competitive event, Sumo is called as Somu wrestling in Japan. Sumo in Japan has 1500 years’ of history in Japan, and now is still attractive for Japanese, so one has to recognize the unique charm of this ancient sport.

  The fat bodies of sumo wrestlers that are almost deformed are not caused by any special gene, on the contract, in order to increase the weight, the sumo wrestlers often have a kind of mixed meat in chafing dish to take lots of meats and vegetables for “force-feeding”, and they usually shall take a pot of meats and vegetables for every meal to get a big and strong body. Their food consumption is about ten times of that of normal people.

  Therefore, the occupational diseases that sumo wrestlers are suffering from are diabetes and gout, and they often have gout when they are young and will suffer from the pain periodically. The average lifetime of sumo wrestlers is 57 years.