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When the gout attacks, please

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  When the wind is just beginning to attack, it is easy to panic because of severe pain. Here is a brief introduction to the process of gout attack.

  Gout usually occurs at night, and the pain slowly increases for about 24 hours. In order to relieve pain, the patient usually goes to squat or straighten the bent finger, but this will increase the pain.

  First, let the patient lie down quietly. After lying down, the pain will ease. Usually, as fast as two or three days, as slow as six or seven days, the pain will completely disappear. The pre-gout period is about two to three times a year, so many people will ignore the onset of gout. If the gout is ignored, the interval between gout attacks will be shorter and shorter, and the number of times will increase.

  In addition, it is usually determined that urate is detected at the inflamed joint before it is determined to be gout. Uric acid can only be treated when it causes inflammation of the joints. If it is not painful, it cannot be diagnosed as gout. Therefore, when the gout attacks, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

  If you can't move, you can apply ice to the affected area first, and raise the affected part as much as possible. For example, put it on the sofa and let the affected part be higher than the heart. This can relieve the pain slightly.