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The patient with gout shall not drink purified water

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  Is it true that the patient with gout shall not drink purified water? Relevant study shows that the excretion of uric acid is related to the pH value of urine, the acidic urine is not conducive to excretion of uric acid. According to the provisions of our Standards for Drinking Water Quality, the pH value of drinking water shall be 6.5-8.5, but the pH value of pure water supplied on the market, which are mostly processed by the reverse osmosis process, is usually about 6.0, which is slightly acidic. For the slightly acidic water is obviously bad for the patient with gout, the patient with gout shall drink weak alkalinity water other than purified water.

  Weak alkalinity water can neutralize the acidic toxin in the body, adjust and balance the acidity and alkalinity of body fluid, and activate the cell, thus to increase the disease resistance of the body. Drinking weak alkalinity water for long time, the uric acid concentration in serum of patient with gout can be reduced and the acid-base balance can be adjusted, which has certain auxiliary effect to treatment of gout.

  The patient with gout shall not only drink weak alkalinity water, but also drink over 2000 ml of weak alkalinity water every day, which can facilitate the excretion of uric acid through urine.