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What is tophus?

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  What is tophus? Nowadays, many young people are suffered from gout, which has caused a lot of inconvenience to life and work and has adverse effect on living quality, and those people are living death when the disease attacks. Gout is caused by excessive blood uric acid, and can be divided into primary gout and secondary gout by referencing to the hyperuricemia. Therefore, the patient shall take the remedy suitable to the case, and shall not have treatment blindingly. The common sense of gout will be described below to explain what tophus is.

  Then, what is tophus?

  The tophus and the chronic gouty arthritis are chronic disease. The uric acid crystal will deposit on cartilage, synovial membrane and soft tissue, which will form the tophus; additionally, the higher the uric acid concentration in blood is, the longer the illness lasts, the more tophi may accumulated, and this may has adverse effect on blood vessel and kidney, and result in serious renal failure, which will make the kidney disease worse and incur the vicious circle in which the uric acid cannot be excreted easily, resulting in more deposition of tophi.

  Generally, the tophi may deposit in many sites, including ears, hands, elbows, achilles tendon, ankles, or toes, and sometimes may incur local anabrosis that is not easy to heal. In severe case, joint deformation or chronic symptom will be incurred, and severe food deformation may incur serious problems in terms of shoes wearing. Additionally, with the increasing of uric acid concentration in serum, the risk of tophus will increase and the nephropathy may be incurred, and hematodialysis shall be provided to the patient in case of renal failure, this is also one of the reasons of death of gout patient.