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The delegation from Zhanjiang Municipal Government visited Qinggang

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  Sparing no efforts to build a health food industrial part with annual output value of ten billions yuan, Qinggang Saimei Company is transforming to “highly sophisticated” and enhancing the value chain

  “I really didn’t expect that there is a high-end food export enterprise in our hometown, the enterprise has excellent environment, advanced equipment, top-level management and attractive benefits package, in where self-worth can be realized, and I will make some achievements with the knowledge I have learned,” said by Wu Qiang, a female student from Qinggang who just passed out from a university, and served for many food and pharmaceutical companies in the province with bio-pharmaceutical technology she has learned. In the end of 2017, she was recommended to work in Heilongjiang Saimei Organic Food Co., Ltd. in her hometown and has been promoted to the Squad Leader of Laboratory with the monthly salary of 4000 yuan. Saimei has recruited more than 60 university students like Wu Qiang, and these highly-competent professionals has provided strong power to Saimei for developing though high-end route.

  Saimei Company, a local enterprise of Qinggang County, is an export-oriented enterprise mainly engaged in processing organic sunflower seed and organic pumpkin seed. Since 2015, Saimei Company has achieved the sales revenue of more than 600 million yuan and accumulative export exchange earnings of more than USD 90 million, and export sales ranks the top three in the industry in China. With internationally advanced process, equipment and standards, Saimei Company achieves the annual sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds processing capacity up to 50,000 tons, and has provided jobs for over 300 persons. In 2017, the Company built the high standard planting bases in Yingchun Town, Zuogang Town, Minzheng Town, Jianshe Township etc. of Qinggang County by the method of made-to-order planting, mobilizing over 1000 peasant households and increasing income of farmers by 34 million yuan.

  After 3 years of preliminary preparation, the Company transformed into the comprehensive health industry in 2017, and the products produced include series products of pumpkin seed oil, series products of cucurmosin, pumpkin polypeptide, sterol, phylloquinone etc. At present, the Company has entered into directional R&D agreements with General Nutrition Group, College of Food Science & Nutritional Engineering of China Agricultural University, Northeast Agricultural University, and College of Food Science & Nutritional Engineering of Harbin University of Commerce, realizing the dynamic integration of planting, research, production and selling.

  In the end of 2017, Saimei Company invested 120 million yuan to construct the “Qinggang International Pumpkin Seed Trading Center” and the “Pumpkin Seed Health Oil Extraction and Deep Processing Project with the Annual Output of 5,000 Tons”, and has constructed the production line of pumpkin seed oil with the annual output of 2,000 tons and the production line of pumpkin seed soft capsule with the annual output of 500 million capsules, which can increase the economic benefits of pumpkin seed by 10 times to 22 times. The production lines were put into pilot production in the end of January of this year, and one has produced 1 million pumpkin seed capsules, which had been sold to General Nutrition Group by order. The project is expected to realize the annual output value of 1 billion yuan.

  With the deepening of cooperation, General Nutrition Group found that 800,000 mu of saline-alkali soil in Qinggang County is especially suitable to cultivate alkaline sunflower. The cavernous body in sunflower disc is rich in ‘sunflower alkaline small molecule peptide’ which has significant curative effect on gout, so it has bright market prospects. Therefore, GNC entered into an outright purchase and marketing agreement of 50 tons of ‘sunflower alkaline small molecule peptide’ with Saimei Company, according to which GNC is responsible to provide production technology and Saimei is responsible for extracting and processing. The outright purchasing price of ‘sunflower alkaline small molecule peptide’ offered by GNC is 140 Million yuan per ton, which will bring huge profit margin.

  At present, Saimei Company is actively organizing the purchase of equipment, which is expected to be installed in the end of April and be put into pilot production in May. After being put into production, the project can promote growing of alkaline sunflowers of 140,000 mus with the pure benefit per mu of 1,350 yuan, which can facilitate targeted poverty alleviation and increase farmer’s income, and can turn the waste saline-alkali soil in Qinggang County into wealth. Saimei Company plans to implement 100,000 mus of alkaline sunflowers in this year, and has entered into a planting contract of 2,000 mus of alkaline sunflowers with Yongfa Village, Yingchun Town.

  The domestic market of ‘sunflower alkaline small molecule peptide’ is also huge; therefore, at the time of developing the international market, Saimei Company is also striving to explore the domestic market. Extending the industry chain, enhancing the value chain, making innovation in supply chain, and making efforts in both international and domestic markets, the product structure of Saimei Company has transformed from “mid-to-high end” to “highly sophisticated”. Turning the black soil in cold region into a wealth, Saimei Company is working hard to build a health food industrial part with annual output value of ten billions yuan.