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What is gout?

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  Gout overview

  Gout is a crystal-related arthritis caused by deposition of monosodium urate. which is a kind of arthritis. Gout is directly related to serum uric acid concentration, if due to disorder of metabolism of purine in human body, increase of uric acid synthesis or (and) reduction of excretion, the concentration of uric acid is too high, uric acid will deposit on joints, cartilages and in kidney in the form of sodium salt, resulting in inflammatory response to tissue foreign bodies, i.e. gout.

  Symptoms of gout

  Gout is a kind of disease that incurs intense pain due to the over-reaction of immune system caused by needle crystal formed by uric acid on joints or tendon. Gout usually occurs on thumb joint, ankle joint, knee joint etc., as well as in few cases of the patient suffering from gout for long time, on figure joint, even part of auricle with soft tissue. The sites affected by acute gout will become red, swell, get fever and acute pain, and the acute gout usually occurs in midnight, which can make the patient wake up from sleep. In the initial stage, the gout usually occurs on lower limbs.

  Classification of gout

  Gout can be divided into primary gout and secondary gout according to the causes of disease. Primary gout is caused by congenital purine metabolic disorder and (or) uric acid excretion dysfunction, excluding other disease; secondary gout occurs secondary to decrease of uric acid extraction caused by renal diseases or some medicines, myeloproliferative disorders and increase of generation of uric acid caused by tumor chemotherapy etc.

  Generation and excretion of uric acid

  Purine taken from food, purine generated in human body, be decomposed in kidney, uric acid, kidney, be excreted through urine and feces