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How the main cause of gout- uric acid is generated

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  In short, gout is a kind of arthritis caused by increase of uric acid.

  Then, how is the main cause of gout-uric acid generated?

  To get to know uric acid, one shall get knowledge of another substance, i.e. purine.

  Purine, a substance in human body, mainly exists in form of purine nucleotide, and plays an important role in energy supply, regulation of metabolism and composition of coenzyme etc. Purine is a kind of organic compound of which the molecular formula is C5H4N4, the form is colorless crystal, and will be oxidized and turn into uric acid in human body.

  Generation process of purine in human body

  The purine, generated in human body or obtained from food, will be decomposed into uric acid which will not be further decomposed, and will be excreted though urine, sweat and feces.

  This whole series of processes is known as “purine metabolic process”, the substance generated in this metabolic process is referred to as “metabolic product”. In addition, such product that cannot be further decomposed and will not turn into other substance is also referred to as “final metabolic product”, that is to say, uric acid is the final metabolic product of purine.

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