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Crude extraction method conforming to the industrial production standard

Let the parte mentioned above to go through treatments with macroporous resin, gel column, C18 reversed phase and preparation solution respectively to get the monomeric compound.

Preparation of monomeric compound of sunflower extracts

In the sunflower alkali treatment group, after being induced by oteracil potassium, the concentrations of uric acid, creatinine and urea nitrogen in serum of mice decreased significantly, while the concentration of uric acid, 

Evaluation on activity of sunflower extract

Evaluation on activities of crude extracts, refined parts and monomeric compound in animal model, and comparison of activities of different extraction sites, protocols and methods.

Inhibition of weight, measurement of organ coefficients, histopathological examination, H&E staining, Ki67 staining, TUNEL assay, acute toxicity, long-term toxicity test, animal chromosomal mutation, embryo teratogenicity rate, 

Activity index of sunflower extract

Toxicologic test of sunflower extract

Refining technology of sunflower extract

Carry out reflux extraction of raw material with 0-100% (0, 50%, 75%, 95%) ethanol-water solution or 0-100% (0, 50%, 75%, 95%) water solution, and obtain the extractum through rotary evaporation; 

Crude extraction method of sunflower extract

Main intergradient, sunflower flavonoids

Sunflower flavonoid, a kind of natural product, widely exists in plants, and is an active intergradient of Chinese herbals. 

As a kind of health product, the flavonoids compound has attracted the attention of international medical circle for the first time in late 1980s. A French health food manufacturer firstly launched a new flavonoid health care product, i.e. Pycnogenol, which has a market leading effect. After ten years of appearing on market, the clinical medical researchers found that Pycnogenol has many other interesting uses, including anti-asthma, prevention of cerebral arteriosclerosis or cerebral thrombosis caused by long-term smoking and lowering blood pressure etc.

Sunflower flavonoids can inhibit the chemotaxis of inflammatory cells and reduce the release of inflammatory factor, promote the metabolism of uric acid to reduce the uric acid level; in addition, sunflower flavonoids have better analgesic effect; therefore, sunflower flavonoids can be regarded as the invincible opponent of gout in sunflower. 

Sunflower flavonoids, a kind of natural-occurring substance in sunflower, will be processed into the precious intergradient of sunflower powder solid drink through extraction and precise processing with sophisticated technology. 

Evaluation research on process optimization of sunflower disk extract and its anti-hyperuricemia activity in mice 

Technical principle of the product

Sunflower flavonoid

Extraction process

Figure of product

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What is flavonoid?

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